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Q: I can't see my Kebanzu/Renfair In My Characters. Why is that?

A: If you signed up with a deviantart account that does not match the name on the old masterlist, your designs may not have been automatically transferred over. You can send in a claim with proof of ownership/a link to the old masterlist entry and we'll get it sorted for you.


Q: My image won't upload to the gallery/MYO SUBMISSION

A: MYO submissions or design updates must be under 2000px or the site will not process them. Similarly, gallery images should be 1000px max or less. You can always link a higher res version of your art, uploaded elsewere, in the comments/description of your submission.


Q: A kebanzu I own is listed as being owned by someone else/A kebanzu I don't own is listed as being mine, who can I contact?

A: Feel free to put in a claim or reach out to any staff via discord and we will be more than happy to fix that for you!


Q: How Do I submit a MYO?

A: We have a handy guide right here! MYO Submission Instructions


Q: How do I get a custom kebanzu from Hauket?

A: Currently Hauket takes commission openings via the Hauket-Announcements channel in the kebanzu discord.

Q: Are kebanzu an open species?

A: No, they are a closed species. You will need a MYO slot to make one, these can be purchased in the Enchanted Stone Exchange for ES or EC (usd related group currency) that comes out to 60$. ES can be earned by participating in monthly prompts and mini prompts with the use of NAT if you don’t yet own a kebanzu.

Q: Can markings and traits be combined/mixed together? Is there a limit to how many traits I can apply to my keb?

A: Any markings and traits can be mixed together, and there is no limit to the amount of traits and markings a keb can have.

Q: Can I still use Nat for mini prompt entries if I have a kebanzu?

A: No, Nat is only for people who don't own a keb yet. (You can still include them in monthly prompt entries as a bonus keb if you want to though)

Q: Can kebs be traded for gift cards/vouchers?

A: They can only be traded for gift cards/vouchers that are equal to their resale value. (example: A keb valued at 100$ can only be traded for a gift card/voucher valued at 100$ or less)

Q: Can MYO kebs bought with ES be sold for money?

A: No, they can be resold for ES, traded, or gifted only.

Q: My keb has no original sale value, what can I sell them for?

A: If a keb has no resale value they can only be traded for other designs or gifted.

Q: Do I need to register my kebanzu/renfair?

A: No, registration is no longer required. Simply add the slug (usually appears as KEB-000 or MYO-KEB-000) into the character section on gallery and prompt submissions. Do not include the character name in the slug.

Q: Can mini prompt entries be combined?

A: No, you can upload the separate prompt entries in one file, but one image cannot count for multiple mini prompt entries.

Q: Can I do mini prompts multiple times?

A: Each mini prompt can be done once per keb, but users can do mini prompts multiple times using different characters they own. The keb featured may be used as a background character in other mini prompts for additional currency, however.

Q: How many times can I enter the monthly Prompt? What if I do a written and drawn entry?

A: Once. You will have to choose which one (art or writing) will be counted for the reward.

Q: Can I charge other users for including their keb in my monthly prompt?

A: No, it goes against the spirit of the group and you are already earning ES by including their keb in your prompt entry. YCH’s commissions are fine, they just can’t be entered as prompt entries.

Q: How do I know how much ES I have?

A: Check your profile to see your inventory and bank information.

Q: Can group currency be exchanged for event currency?

A: No, but it can be traded with other users, just be sure to let the bank know when it changes hands.

Q: I need my old bank transferred from deviantart!

A: Please send in a claim with the username on the bank and we'll get it sent over for you.

Q: Can I put and ES or event trait back into my bank if I decide to remove it from my keb?

A: No, removing the trait destroys the enchantment.

Q: Can I return or exchange unused traits for their ES value or traits of equal value if they never left MY INVENTORY?

A: You can resell trait items directly from your inventory for their associated currency.

Q: Are theRE any traits that can be turned on and off at will besides the skins?

A: Yes, any types of wings are able to be turned off and on at will by a keb in any of their forms if their base form has a wing trait. (Including the traits: Wings (ES), Fairy wings (CC), and Bat arms (CC) )

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