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★ Treasures of Gemstone Cove! ★

★ Treasures of Gemstone Cove! ★

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Treasures of Gemstone Cove!

"In the shadow of a volcano that slumbers a fitful sleep, an abundance of gemstones lays enrobed in stone and dirt and sand. It is said there are those so in tune with this haven that they know precisely where each gem deposit lies, simply by instinct. Both of these gifts inspire artists of all sorts to create stunning works."

Here are two prompts from Gemstone Cove for you to choose from - have fun!

🌋 Treasure Hunt on Volcano Island! 🌋

Rumors of hidden treasure have drawn many adventurers to the tropical paradise of Gemstone Cove. The island's lush jungles and hidden caves promise adventure and danger. Is your character a daring treasure hunter, a local guiding explorers through the treacherous terrain, or perhaps a rival looking to claim the treasure first? Draw or write your character's journey through the island's mysteries, from decoding ancient maps, avoiding booby traps, and hopefully earning their reward at the end!

🐲 Here be...dragons? 🐲

Whilst other Terramesians busy themselves in search of treasure, there are also whispers of a fearsome beast that supposedly makes its home within the island's active volcano, guarding a massive hoard of treasure and perhaps a portal to another realm. Little do they know, however, that the creature in fact is just a tiny, mischevious Magmyon, not a gigantic fire-breathing lizard (See below). Draw or write your character investigating this matter, and finding out the truth. Does your character rush in bravely, intent on defeating the sprite? Do they attempt to scare it away, or bribe it with treats? What friends do they bring as backup?


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Gemstone Cove


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