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Basic Kebanzu Anatomy

Kebanzu in their base form are about the size of a large dog, standing on average 2 feet 6 inches (about 76cm) tall at the shoulders. They have the flexibility and agility of a cat, and are known for being quick and hard to track. 
Blue is smaller the smaller end for Kebs at around 1'6"~1'8" at the shoulder. This is the smallest a keb could be without enchantments that would change this.
Yellow is average keb size at around 2'6" at the shoulder. Most kebs are around this size give or take a couple inches.
Red is larger kebs at around 3'6" at the shoulder. Kebs do not naturally get larger than this, but some enchantments (like Goblin Legs) can have them up tp 4' at the shoulder or 4'6" is the enchantment causes them to stand more upright.

Shapeshifter Forms

​Anthro forms are very obviously kebanzu in nature, but in a more humanoid shape than their true form.
Daily Time Limit: no limit
​Faun forms are a mixture of anthro and human, with their ears, horns, legs and tail becoming more kebanzu in nature.
Daily Time Limit: 16-18 hours
​Kebanzu human forms are pretty straightforward. Their hair and eye colors match their kebanzu form. They will usually have faint markings on their skin reminiscent of their kebanzu form's markings (spots becoming freckles, stripes becoming faint but still apparent) 
Daily Time Limit: 10-12 hours


​Taenin forms are usually larger and stronger than other forms, colors and markings change to go along with taenin colors and markings, but will be as close to a keb's true colors and markings as possible (enchantments do not carry over to the taenin form).
Daily Time Limit: 10-12 hours
​Sahir forms allow any keb the ability to fly. These forms are usually the same height or smaller than the anthro form. Kebs in their Sahir form will have colors and markings that are present only in the sahir species, but these colors will be as close to a keb's original colors and markings as possible (enchantments do not carry over to the sahir form).
​​Daily Time Limit: 10-12 hours
​Abomination forms are a defensive form kebanzu take to frighten and mislead humans and Taenin. These forms are usually an unsettling combination of exaggerated anatomy. In this form a kebanzu's colors become duller, and areas of discoloration can occur. In this form kebanzu are larger, stronger, faster, and more agile than any other form. The exact appearance is fluid, and can be any mix of anatomy from the forms they are able to take.

This form can be held for a maximum of 1 hour a day, if a kebanzu pushes past that hour time limit, they run the risk of depleting  all of their magical energy. When this energy is depleted they become stuck in this form. Depending on the circumstances and stress levels of the kebanzu when they became stuck, their mind may become broken. When a kebanzu's mind breaks in this form the will run off into the wilds, avoiding other kebs and behaving like a feral creature.

For kebanzu who's minds did not break when they became stuck, the only remedy is to go to one of the Deities to have their magical powers restored.
Daily Time Limit: 1 hour

Plant form, Hibernation & Flowers

All kebanzu have the ability to take the form of a plant when hibernating. These plant forms will be the same color as the original kebanzu, and can have the keb's flowers present. A kebanzu in their plant form can stay like that for hundreds of years if not disturbed, without being affected by the passage of time. 

These plant forms are durable but not indestructible. Leaves and flowers can be removed without harming the hibernating keb, but branches being cut can result in injuries and even death.
An example of a hibernating keb changing into their plant form. The transformation is rather quick and the resulting plant form has the same amount of mass as the original keb. 


All kebanzu have the ability to grow flowers in their manes and tails. These flowers hold no true purpose other than being aesthetically pleasing. The type and color of flower that grows in a keb's mane is unique to that keb, and can also appear on their plant form. The only way a kebanzu can have multiple colors or types of flowers is through magical enchantment.