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Jobs Update!

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Academic GuildCrafting GuildCreative GuildJobs Update!!! Gathering GuildPastoral GuildPublic Service Guild

Well hello everyone! It's been in the works for years, and here it is! The Jobs Update!!


Starting today your kebs can join one of the six Jobs Guilds on Terramessia:

  • Academic - Characterized by the pursuit of knowledge, learning and education. 
  • Crafting - Characterized by the pursuit of creativity in a functional sense.
  • Creative - Characterized by the pursuit of creativity in an expressive sense.
  • Gathering - Characterized by the pursuit of gathering resources from the natural world.
  • Pastoral - Characterized by the pursuit of agriculture, tending to the land and animals.
  • Public Service - Characterized by the pursuit of service towards others.

You might remember the guild leader design contest and the winners announced via discord, all of these kebs are now live and running the guilds!
You can see all of the guilds' respective pages here! 

Academic Guild

Academic Guild

Guild Master: Xeniades

Crafting Guild

Crafting Guild

Guild Master: Ethel

Creative Guild

Creative Guild

Guild Master: Jackson

Gathering Guild

Gathering Guild

Guild Master: Mags

Pastoral Guild

Pastoral Guild

Guild Masters: Hank & Tupelo

Public Service Guild

Public Service Guild

Guild Master: Geneva

You will be able to switch guilds if you like, but if you do, it resets your progress in your current guild.


There are 15 (yes, fifteen!) new prompts for each guild that your kebs can join and participate in to rank up through the guild and get some really awesome rewards.
These rewards can be pets, traits, mounts, a new currency for the 6 new Guild Shops, badges for your characters, and more!

43-image.pngPrompt Requirements43-image.png


Drawings: Color with a background, Full or Half Body
Writing: Minimum 750 words

Base rewards:

15 ES (+10ES for extra character)


We have also added seven new character-specific currencies. These coins are known as Glint!

There's Guild Glint which increases your rank in the guild, from Initiate to Master!
Glint (G)

Then there's guild-specific glint that you can spend in the new shops!
Academic Glint (AG)Crafting Glint (CaG)Creative Glint (CeG)Gathering Glint (GG)Pastoral Glint (PG)Public Service Glint (PSG)


There are six new shops to spend your Glint! This features some very special items that aren't available for currency anywhere else!

Academic Shop

Academic Shop

Academic Glint (AG)

Crafting Shop

Crafting Shop

Crafting Glint (CaG)

Creative Shop

Creative Shop

Creative Glint (CeG)

Gathering Shop

Gathering Shop

Gathering Glint (GG)

Pastoral Shop

Pastoral Shop

Pastoral Glint (PG)

Public Service Shop

Public Service Shop

Public Service Glint (PSG)


58-image.pngand So much more!58-image.png

You'll have to explore around to see it all! There's just so hecking much, we can't really fit it all into one announcement!


Please send love to Feniick, as he did the writing for this project!
Reddemonspy for the awards and guild icons, EterniiTea for doing the web work and helping with the glint designs, and last but certainly not least-
Tigenki, RK-V00, Azure, and Mothman for helping with other guild art assets as well!

Magical Elements of Terramessia

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Lore Update

We are so excited to share this piece of lore that we have been working on. While the magic system itself is still a work in progress, we have some information about the magical elements that shape the world. Huge thanks to Reddemonspy for making the beautiful accompanying art, and to Feniick for helping to develop the elements.


Magical Elements of Terramessia

In the beginning, three elements combined to bring life to Terramessia.
The Dust and soil gave way to Nature, spurred on by a Spark of life.

From Dust, Humans sprang forth, their adaptability and endurance ensuring their survival.
From Nature came the Sahiir, who protect the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.
From Spark came the Taenin, who harnessed flame to fuel their inventions.

The forces of the outer Cosmos maintained a barier around the world keeping it protected, but isolated.
While another force within held Chaos, wild and unpredictable, which threatened to disrupt the balance.

Kebanzu, at home in their plane of Chaos, disrupted this force by the over harvesting of the magic that formed their world.
When their world was disrupted, Chaos was set free into Terramessia along with the Kebanzu.
The shockwave of this disruption also freed the force of the Cosmos and allowed for new visitors to land in the world.

Cosmos returned to the world with the arrival of the Ren Fairs, bringing balance.
In the years since the end of the great hibernation, the elements are in harmony once more, and new magic has begun to sprout...

Spring Event 2024

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The Kebanzu 2024 Spring Event is now live!!

🌹 ✨ 🌹 ✨ 🌹 ✨ 🌹 ✨ 🌹 ✨ 🌹


The first event of 2024!!! ✨ 💖


The first two Spring Prompts - Library of Alexandria and Stargazing - are now open for entries! Two more prompts will unlock on April the 10th and a further two on the 20th!

But what's this? Light Song's sword has gone missing???!!! 😱 The storybook theme this spring is a journey most perilous! Will your character answer the call? There are three storybook prompts in total that unlock as you play - there's a shiny storybook badge reward plus bonus reward if you complete all three and exclusive badges to collect along the way! 🙌

🌹 Check out the first 2 prompts + starting storybook prompt here! 🌹

Don't forget that you can add Valkyrie to your prompts as a bonus 5th keb!!
Her Masterlist entry is here,  and full set of references is here!


Two new traits have been added to the Enchanted Rose Exchange!
💨 Enchanted Breath✨ | 🍓Fruit Horns🍇

🌹Check out the Enchanted Rose shop here!🌹


Dates and Deadlines!
🌹 The Spring Event begins: April 2nd Pacific Time
🌹 The Spring Event ends: April 30th at midnight Pacific Time


Daily Enchanted Rose Foraging!
You can top up on daily ER here during the Spring Event!


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>>> IF YOU ARE UP TO THE CHALLENGE, visit the Scavenger Hunt page for MORE information!! <<<

Region Report: Western Grasslands

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Get the inside scoop!

Region Report

31°T / Sunny

Western Grasslands

"Come for the capra stay for the charm!"


The Woolwind Mill

An ancient, prewar windmill that still operates. It is best known for its use in the textile industry, as a mill for capra wool. The breezy hilltops provide ample wind for the process. Its sails can be seen from miles away, making it a beloved landmark in the hub. it also serves as a great focal point for painters and photographers.


The Western Grasslands is known for their many quaint towns, where local farmers work hard to rear livestock, grow crops, and maintain community orchards. Wool, textiles, crops and other animal products are this region's main exports, and those that live here are proud of the fruits of their labor.


Planting Festival - Marking the beginning of the planting season, this festival is a time of hope and renewal. Seeds are blessed in the Temple of Hearth and Harvest, and towns pull together as one to prepare the fields for the growing months to come.

Harvest Festival - A time of abundance and gratitude, the Harvest Festival brings folk back together to reap the rewards of a long, hot summer. Feasts, dancing, and many farmer's markets take place during this time, celebrating the success of yet another brilliant year.


The Western Grasslands are valued for their humid temperate oceanic climate, the temperate grasslands experience an annual high around 39°T and a low around 14°T

The region experiences moderate rainfall.

Popular transportation methods include:
  • Hors drawn cart
  • Hors

Typical Job Categories include:

  • Pastoral
    • Farmer
    • Shepherd
  • Crafting
    • Performer
    • Weaver
    • Spinner
  • Creative
    • Baker
    • Artisan

The Hub

Garden Meadow


10-image.pngOne of the smallest and sleepiest hubs, the Garden Meadow is not known for its excitement. This sleepy pastoral town is primarily known for its older population and countless capra. What it lacks in thrills it makes up for with boundless charm.

Location: The eastern part of the Western Grasslands, close to the Mythic Forest.

Local Landmark: Enchanted Arbor Bridge. Nestled at the Eastern edge of Garden Meadow, the bridge serves as a transition from the cultivated beauty of Garden Meadow to the untamed allure of the Mythic Forest.

Lodging: Residents and visitors to the Garden Meadow enjoy the charms of the quaint, stone and timber cottages that dot the landscape. These cottages are very old, being passed from generation to generation.

Cuisine: The Garden Meadow’s local cuisine is a reflection of the seasons: abundant with fresh, hearty vegetables and grains from the fields, sun-ripened fruits in the summer, and in the fall, roasted squash and warm barley breads.

Specialty: "Harvest Hotpot" - A stew that combines the best of everyone's crops and animal products into a rich, communal meal.

Odie's place within the Garden Meadow is established as firmly as the ancient fields throughout the hub. An expert in all things farming, they oversee the sowing and reaping of the crops every year, ensuring that the cycles of growth are honored and that the community works in harmony with the land.

What does your hub value?

The harmony between tradition and nature, the bonds of community fellowship. Our shared toils turn our lands into a bounty that we can all share.

What is your favorite thing about the hub?

The way that the golden sunrise bathes our fields every morning. There’s just nothing like it. It’s a promise of a new day of growth and a comforting reminder that the cycle of life will always continue.

Region Report: Sunset Peninsula

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Get the inside scoop!

Region Report

53°T / Sunny

Sunset Peninsula

"The sun never sets on this party!"


Broken Bridge

Rising eerily above the waters of the bay is the shattered spine of a once magnificent bridge. On foggy mornings, its silhouette gives the impression of a great and terrible beast hiding in the dense gray, just out of sight. Before the war, it once connected both sides of a sprawling city.

Between the relentless attacks on the city and dwindling supplies of metal for use in the war, sizeable portions of the bridge are missing. It is a popular spot for urban explorers.

Twilight Castle

Located on an islet off the shores of the Sunset City, the Twilight Castle is a haunting fixture on the horizon. Various legends surrounding the castle have persisted throughout the years; some say the original owner was a vampire, and that any soul foolish enough to step foot upon the shore of their secluded abode were met with a grizzly fate. Others say they simply chose to build their castle on the island in order to hide their grisly visage and from the seemingly endless turmoil plaguing the rest of the world. In the years since Sunset City's founding, it has become a popular place to hunt ghosts.


The Sunset Peninsula is known for its abundance of offshore sealife, which fuels both the fishing and tourism industries. Tourism is their most popular industry by far, as the moderate to warm climates attract both humans and Kebanzu who just want to take a break and relax.

However, due to the lack of space and the general lack of arable land, agriculture is a struggle. This is why Sunset City must rely on imports for goods that aren’t able to be gathered from the sea or surrounding chaparral landscape, including produce and other domestic animal products.


From the smell of food vendors to the sound of music in the streets, Sunset City is known for hosting the largest Pride event in all of Terremesia. Whether you're part of the LGBTQ or just an Ally, good times are had by all. This month-long party offers countless performances, shows, parties, and so much more. The piers and boardwalks each have their own unique events that should not be missed!

There is so much to do in Sunset City Pride Fest, and everyone is welcome with open arms.


The Sunset Peninsula is known for its highly variable climate; days are typically quite hot, while nights can reach close to freezing. The annual high is around 70°T and a low around 3°T

In contrast, Sunset City has a much milder range of temperatures, with an annual high of 59°T and an annual low of 16°T

The region experiences low rainfall during summer, and high rainfall in the winter.

Popular transportation methods include:
  • Street/Cable Cars
  • Bikes
  • Lazards in the wilds

Typical Job Categories include:

  • Crafting
    • Builder
    • Engineer
  • Creative
    • Performer
    • Artist
    • Barista/Bartender
  • Public Service
    • Apothecary
    • Healer

The Hub

Sunset City


8-image.pngSet upon the backdrop of the bones of a city destroyed and abandoned in the war, Sunset City rose up from the ashes and has grown into a sprawling metropolis. As one of the newest hubs on Terramesia, the city is constantly growing and changing. An almost unique feature is the fact that all species on Terramesia have access to this hub. Sunset City is one of the only hubs that is considered to be an 'Open' hub, which means anyone can enter the city.

Location: A large city in the southwest of the peninsula, primarily centered around the western bay.

Local Landmark: Sunrise Pier. The northmost of the two famous seaside attractions in Sunset City, Sunrise Pier is located close to several prominent and popular neighborhoods, making the perfect meeting place. It features an extensive and popular marketplace, including countless shops and restaurants, as well as entertainment venues, and a spot to view wild tarcin.

Local Landmark: Nocturnal Boardwalk. To the south the popular boardwalk features a number of smaller piers, featuring an amusement park, concessions and a popular viewing and fishing pier.

Lodging: Sunset City has no shortage of options when it comes to lodging. As tourism is vital to their economy, plenty of hotels exist to fill the demand.

Cuisine: Due to the proximity to the sea, there is a tradition of primarily consuming seafood, and other oceanic produce.

Specialty: Sushi burrito and bubble tea

[Unfortunately we were unable to get ahold of a picture of the current hub leader.]

Horizon was not available to sit down for an interview, due to all the work required for the ongoing month-long celebration. However, a representative from their office was able to supply us with the following statements:

What does your hub value?

Unity. The kebanzu of Sunset City know the importance of working together, especially with humans. We strive to uphold the unity of our city every day, it takes work, but we are proud of what we've accomplished.

What is your favorite thing about the hub?

Our diversity. Everyone is so truly unique, and it brings a different, but still vital piece to the table, and that is why Sunset City thrives.

Lore Event - Enchanted Crystal Maintenance

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Lore Event - Enchanted Crystal Maintenance

No further movement or attempts at breaking into the hubs has been noted from the Marked Exiles in the two years since the chaos in the Mythic Forest, but Amon and some of the other Hub leaders have asked citizens to keep an eye on any exposed veins of Enchanted Stones or Enchanted Crystals.

Mines in Golden Harbor, Wartorn Wastes, Frostfell, Charbrook, and the Red Divide have all asked for citizens to come by to see how to properly care for and harvest magic from the source.

In order to keep track of the locations that you have visited, we've set up a new Scavenger Hunt! Take a look around using the hunt page below:

Enchanted Crystal Maintenance

Lore Recap - A Looming Threat and Enchanted Crystal Chaos

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It has been two years since the strange wild magic events plaguing the Mythic Forest occurred. 

Scouts within the hub alerted hub leader Amon that there had been sightings of humans within the boundaries of the hub which was concerning as the enchantments built into the hub generator should keep outsiders away from a certain proximity. 


In order to further investigate, a group of Kebanzu were sent out by Lightsong to scout the areas where the humans had been seen and make sure their hub had not been discovered or infiltrated. 

After a hike through the dense tree growth, the scouting party discovered a human wearing what appeared to be pre-war clothing - spandex running shorts and a sleeveless vest with wireless headphones - technology which was hard to come by for those outside of specific hubs and nearly impossible to find intact among the non-keb communities.


 The team decided to follow this man at a distance as he appeared to jog casually through the forest, not seeming to be obstructed by the roots and undergrowth along the way. 


Eventually, the man led the team to the ruins of a human city that had been destroyed during the wars and overgrown over the past centuries, reclaimed by the forest around it. To their surprise, many humans appeared to have been living in the ruins here. The scouts donned their human forms to disguise themselves and try to get more information, but only were met with more confusion. 


The humans in this town seemed to frequently be lost in thought, getting directed and forgetting who they were talking to or what was being said. They also appeared to not all be wearing clothing from the same pre-war time periods. Finally, one of the scouts noticed that some of the humans here vanished entirely once they lost line of sight and would reappear in other places, seemingly replaying certain events on a loop. 


Shortly after this revelation, one of the waves of unpredictable wild magic serged through the area causing the forms of the humans to warp and distort. It became apparent that these were restless souls, and something within the flares of magic had disturbed them, causing them to appear and walk about. 


In order to deal with this, the party  decided it would be best to try and find the source of the strange magic. The waves seemed to emanate from within a building sporting a large banner reading Historical Center and Museum, its large  automatic glass doors long since shattered and stuck half open. Inside, some of the not fully broken fluorescent lighting flickered despite the age. It was quickly discovered that someone had been here recently and hooked up a generator. More confusing still, the generator was clearly Kebanzu in make and utilized Enchanted Crystals to power itself. 


The scouting party discovered that within the catacombs that the museum was built around and over, there were hidden Kebanzu rhunes, left from a time when humans and kebs existed in harmony. Using the rhunes to decipher a passcode, the scouts discovered the entrance to an old abandoned Enchanted Crystal mine. The crystals here roiled and shone with a harsh red and violet pulsating glow. 


Every few minutes a new wave of chaotic magic rippled through the crystals which caused a variety of odd effects. The scouts were able to follow these ripples to the heart of the mine, where a giant crystal growth had sprouted. Around the base of the crystal, scuffed but still visible, were the remnants of a magic sigil. Large drag marks through the dirt showed a clear line of where a massive chunk of the crystal had been smashed off and taken away. Billowing magical energy poured out from the crack and seemed to be the cause of the disruptive bursts of strange energy. Using the magic at their own disposal, the scouts were able to mend some of the shattered fragments of the crystal and cleanse it from whatever ritual had been performed. 


Upon returning to Lightsong to report their findings, Amon gathered scholars to dive into the ritual and try to figure out why other Kebanzu would have done something so destructive to one of their own hub territories. The result of their research pointed to only one group: The Followers of the Exile King. Said to have been the main driving force that spurred the other nations to war, the Kebanzu who called himself the Exile King was sentenced to the first ever curse created by the Druids. Trapped in a feral form, rendered him unable to interact as a sentient being with others, and fully exiled from all society for his crimes. His followers were similarly cursed to be unable to enter a hub without express permission, though evidently they had been able to find a way around that.


Magical announcements were sent to the various hub leaders across the world of Terramessia to inform them to keep on the lookout for the Marked Exiles and to tighten security. Without a leader, surely they wouldn’t be of too much trouble, but it is best to take precautions.


[[For additional information regarding the wrap-up from the previous Lore Event, please find the News posting here: (X) ]]

The Kebanzu 2023 Winter Event is now live!!

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Where has the year gone? 2023's final Kebanzu event is here already!!!

Winter Event Prompts

As usual, the first two Winter Prompts - Snowy Fun and Warm & Cosy - are now open for entries. Two more prompts will unlock on December the 10th and a further two on the 20th!

Don't forget that you can add Yule to your prompts as a bonus 5th keb!!
Her Masterlist entry is HERE!


Art by Lord-Starryface

The Storybook theme this time is all about the migratory journey of a brand new creature 👀 There are three prompts in total that unlock as you play - as always there's a shiny storybook badge reward if you complete all three!

Art by Lord-Starryface

❄️ Check out the first 2 prompts + starting storybook prompt here! ❄️

Dates and Deadlines!
❄️ The Winter Event begins: December 1st Pacific Time
❄️ The Winter Event ends: December 31st at midnight Pacific Time


Daily Candy Cane Foraging

What's this? More daily collectables?!! During the Winter Event, Yule oversees the foraging of wild Enchanted Candy Canes! And sometimes she hides treasures amongst the groves for eagle-eyed kebs to discover!! Get to the dailies page HERE or get to it from the navigation bar by going to ACTIVITIES -> DAILIES.

New Activity: Daily Panning!

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We are now opening up dailies! Dailies can be found under the "Activity" tab on Kebanzu Crossroads. This will grant anywhere between 3-10ES daily with the 15th (non-consecutive) day awarding a random ES trait! (The higher ES amounts are rarer, just so everyone knows!).

As our currency is Enchanted Stones, we've gone with a panning (like gold panning) theme! Header art and panning pixel done by our lovely SunnyDito!

Click HERE or go to Activities  -> Dailies on the top navigation bar!