Created: 16 February 2022, 10:49:31 PST
Last updated: 17 February 2022, 11:33:16 PST
Kebanzu, coming from a realm entirely composed of magic, are very skilled spell-casters.​ It takes time and practice to master more complex spells but all kebanzu have innate magical abilities.

Known Spells


A minor magical trick, can last up to one hour.
Can create a small illusion of an object that fits in ones hand, can snuff out or light a candle, can create a small puff of sparkles or a cloud of smoke, can chill or warm an object fitting in 1 sqr foot of space, can make a symbol appear on an object for up to an hour. 


A minor magical affect, lasts about a minute. 
Can brighten or dim a flame, can create a sound nearby, can alter eye color, can open or slam shut an unlocked door or window, can topple a small object such as a cup of water or a book on a shelf.


Minor nature magical abilities.
Cause a seed to sprout, a flower to bloom, can cause moss to grow on a non-living object fitting in 1 sqr foot, can predict the weather for the next day with a harmless sensory affect, can revive a recently dead or wilting plant.