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Location Prompts

Location prompts are prompts that can be done at any time, but can only be done once per character!

Location prompts can include multiple characters but at least one must be your own. Additional characters do not generate additional ES rewards so please bear this in mind when adding more than one character!


✨ Reward breakdown ✨
Drawn Prompts ES Reward
Half-Body + Background  10
Full-Body + Background 15
✨ Click here to see the background requirements ✨


Written Prompts ES Reward
250 - 499 words 5
500 - 749 words 10
750 - 1000 words 15


Please try not to exceed 1000 words for location prompts!


✨ Badge Reward ✨

Location prompts are additionally rewarded with the relevant hub badge! Should you enter the same prompt twice with different characters, the badges will stack in your Award Case!

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