February 2022 Lore Event Epilog

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A light projection of a Kebanzu sitting at a desk, tablet device in hand, flickers into existence with a soft pleasant tone. Citizens of the Ultra-Violet Underground pause to look up at the projection, some continuing with their business after just a moment. 

“Good evening and welcome to the 6 o’clock news. Our top story tonight is regarding the strange events in the Mythic Forest,” the Kebanzu explains. “It has been one month since the discovery of an abandoned crystal mine in the Mythic Forest. Reports from hub leader, Amon, state that some kind of tampering to the magical ley lines that the veins of crystals sprout from.

“The magical effects created by this tampering varied from sightings of apparitions, busts of elemental force, violent plant growth, and even some cases of reversed gravity. Local community members were instrumental in containing the aberrant magical effects released into the hub due to this tampering, and Lightsong’s Temple nearby provided shelter for those in harm’s way.

“According to current reports, there were no casualties or severe injuries from any of these outbreaks, however a few structures were damaged. A group of druids from Lightsong’s Temple was dispatched to cleanse the area and sources currently report that the magical aberrations have since ceased, allowing those affected to return to their homes. While original reports claimed seeing Humans in the hub, recent updates clarify that the hub has not been breached, and the sightings were simply manifestations of the aforementioned magic. While the culprits behind this attack are still unknown, investigations continue."



The fading red light of sunset streams in through the gilded glass dome atop Lightsong’s Temple. Inside, a small gathering of Kebanzu converse with Lightsong himself. Members from the Seaside Library have brought in records to present, while others record the meeting. Valkyrie’s expression turns grim as the scholars discuss.

“At the heart of the mines, there was a crystal much larger than the rest which had been shattered.” One scholar explains. “Runes were carved into the stone around it and, after careful study, we believe they had two uses. One circle was supposed to protect the area from magical backlash as whoever did this removed a piece. But the other…” The scholar pauses, a worried expression flashes across their face. “The other seems to have been used to extract the energy from the surrounding crystals into just the fragment they took.”

Amon interrupts the explanation, confused. “If there were runes in place to protect from this, why did the magic lash out?”

“Multiple reasons,” the scholar asserts “First, the runes are crude, whoever was responsible clearly wasn’t skilled enough to perform that ritual. Secondly, they didn’t account for the amount of energy that was being pulled into such a small fragment.” The sound of a spear banging against the floor stops the conversation. 

“Lightsong.” Valkyrie bows, her spear held firmly. “If Kebanzu are responsible for this act, I believe we know it can only be one group.” 

Lightsong finally stands to his full height, the weight of his presence intimidating even to his most loyal guard. 

Regardless, Valkyrie does not allow the daunting display to dissuade her. “If the Followers of the Exile King are active, we can only hope that war is not once again on our doorstep.”

One of the scholars presents a book to the group, detailing historic records possibly related to this attack. 

Long ago, Kebanzu existed side by side with the other races of the world in relative peace. The races worked together to build up cities and advance each other's societies, utilizing their various understandings of technology and magic combined. While some Taenin and Humans feared this unknown source of power the Kebanzu produced, others often sought to harness it further in their mechanisms. All the while, Kebanzu kept the source of their magic a secret, hoping to protect this world from the devastation they wrought on their own. In this time of peace, however, some Kebanzu learned to take advantage of others’ need for power.

Individual Sahir and Humans were beginning to show fledgling magical abilities. Some Kebanzu scholars discovered that, because they had brought the source of magic from their homeworld onto Teramessia, the dormant magic of this world had begun to awaken. Seeing this, a black market of magical items formed, though it was not condoned by Kebanzu society. Those who were found to be trading magic to Humans were exiled. The races native to this world could not be trusted with magic and allowing them to gain more would endanger all societies.

One Kebanzu in particular became notorious for the destruction his dealings caused. Entire cities were leveled to the ground by those who abused the enchanted crystals they were given. Countless casualties befell all races.

Being exiled had caused him to come to resent other Kebanzu, and he began to attract other exiles to his cause. They amassed magic, and the wealth that came from trading it, with no regard for the consequences. 

Eventually, a group of Kebanzu was sent out to deal with him and his followers. Once he was captured, he was brought before the Kebanzu Council to be sentenced.

For the first time in Kebanzu history, the druids and elders came together for a punishment more severe than they had ever needed. As such, the first true curse was created. They stripped this cruel creature of his connection to magic. This trapped him in a feral form, rendering him unable to interact as a sentient being with others, and fully exiled from all society for his crimes. His followers, while not cursed in this way, were branded with a magical mark signaling who they were to the rest of Kebanzu society. 

When the wars started to gain momentum, many of these Exiles attempted to break into the hubs to steal magic, though few were able to evade being seen for what they were. 

Lightsong’s voice rumbles through the chamber, deep as rolling thunder. “Without their leader, I doubt they will be coordinated enough to pose too much of a threat. Inform the other hubs to stay on the lookout for the branded ones. That will be all.”



Another tone interrupts a story about a local music festival as the feed cuts to a banner reading "Breaking News!" 

"Word has just reached us from the Mythic Forest that the chaos from the past month was caused by a group of Exiles. Hubs across the world have been instructed to tighten security, and hub leaders encourage all citizens to keep an eye out for any Branded and report sightings immediately."


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