Region Report: Sunset Peninsula

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Region Report

53°T / Sunny

Sunset Peninsula

"The sun never sets on this party!"


Broken Bridge

Rising eerily above the waters of the bay is the shattered spine of a once magnificent bridge. On foggy mornings, its silhouette gives the impression of a great and terrible beast hiding in the dense gray, just out of sight. Before the war, it once connected both sides of a sprawling city.

Between the relentless attacks on the city and dwindling supplies of metal for use in the war, sizeable portions of the bridge are missing. It is a popular spot for urban explorers.

Twilight Castle

Located on an islet off the shores of the Sunset City, the Twilight Castle is a haunting fixture on the horizon. Various legends surrounding the castle have persisted throughout the years; some say the original owner was a vampire, and that any soul foolish enough to step foot upon the shore of their secluded abode were met with a grizzly fate. Others say they simply chose to build their castle on the island in order to hide their grisly visage and from the seemingly endless turmoil plaguing the rest of the world. In the years since Sunset City's founding, it has become a popular place to hunt ghosts.


The Sunset Peninsula is known for its abundance of offshore sealife, which fuels both the fishing and tourism industries. Tourism is their most popular industry by far, as the moderate to warm climates attract both humans and Kebanzu who just want to take a break and relax.

However, due to the lack of space and the general lack of arable land, agriculture is a struggle. This is why Sunset City must rely on imports for goods that aren’t able to be gathered from the sea or surrounding chaparral landscape, including produce and other domestic animal products.


From the smell of food vendors to the sound of music in the streets, Sunset City is known for hosting the largest Pride event in all of Terremesia. Whether you're part of the LGBTQ or just an Ally, good times are had by all. This month-long party offers countless performances, shows, parties, and so much more. The piers and boardwalks each have their own unique events that should not be missed!

There is so much to do in Sunset City Pride Fest, and everyone is welcome with open arms.


The Sunset Peninsula is known for its highly variable climate; days are typically quite hot, while nights can reach close to freezing. The annual high is around 70°T and a low around 3°T

In contrast, Sunset City has a much milder range of temperatures, with an annual high of 59°T and an annual low of 16°T

The region experiences low rainfall during summer, and high rainfall in the winter.

Popular transportation methods include:
  • Street/Cable Cars
  • Bikes
  • Lazards in the wilds

Typical Job Categories include:

  • Crafting
    • Builder
    • Engineer
  • Creative
    • Performer
    • Artist
    • Barista/Bartender
  • Public Service
    • Apothecary
    • Healer

The Hub

Sunset City


8-image.pngSet upon the backdrop of the bones of a city destroyed and abandoned in the war, Sunset City rose up from the ashes and has grown into a sprawling metropolis. As one of the newest hubs on Terramesia, the city is constantly growing and changing. An almost unique feature is the fact that all species on Terramesia have access to this hub. Sunset City is one of the only hubs that is considered to be an 'Open' hub, which means anyone can enter the city.

Location: A large city in the southwest of the peninsula, primarily centered around the western bay.

Local Landmark: Sunrise Pier. The northmost of the two famous seaside attractions in Sunset City, Sunrise Pier is located close to several prominent and popular neighborhoods, making the perfect meeting place. It features an extensive and popular marketplace, including countless shops and restaurants, as well as entertainment venues, and a spot to view wild tarcin.

Local Landmark: Nocturnal Boardwalk. To the south the popular boardwalk features a number of smaller piers, featuring an amusement park, concessions and a popular viewing and fishing pier.

Lodging: Sunset City has no shortage of options when it comes to lodging. As tourism is vital to their economy, plenty of hotels exist to fill the demand.

Cuisine: Due to the proximity to the sea, there is a tradition of primarily consuming seafood, and other oceanic produce.

Specialty: Sushi burrito and bubble tea

[Unfortunately we were unable to get ahold of a picture of the current hub leader.]

Horizon was not available to sit down for an interview, due to all the work required for the ongoing month-long celebration. However, a representative from their office was able to supply us with the following statements:

What does your hub value?

Unity. The kebanzu of Sunset City know the importance of working together, especially with humans. We strive to uphold the unity of our city every day, it takes work, but we are proud of what we've accomplished.

What is your favorite thing about the hub?

Our diversity. Everyone is so truly unique, and it brings a different, but still vital piece to the table, and that is why Sunset City thrives.

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