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Hello! It’s been a while since our last character design contest, no? 👀 as the ARPG expands, so too does the need for NPCs - the next plan in the ARPG pipeline is to introduce job prompts! Once up and running, completing job prompts will level up your keb in their chosen field of work, unlocking exclusive traits, pets, mounts and more as they go. The pending jobs prompts are currently categorised into the following sub-sections:

Public Service

While jobs across the whole of Terramessia can fall into any of these categories, each sub-section has a base of operations in a specific hub! And these new guilds need Guild Heads! ✨

The Contest:

Design an NPC Guild Head! This NPC will be the face of that job sub-section and the go-to keb should a worker in that job guild need advice or help; as such their design should reflect the vibe of the jobs they oversee.

The below stash file has a moodboard per guild + additional information in the comments to use as starting points!

The Rules:
  • You may make up to 6 entries (either one entry for each category or multiple entries in same category etc)
  • Please avoid nsfw themes and appropriating cultures in your entries
  • Please do not use existing designs as entries
  • There is no limit to what traits can be used! if your entry does not get chosen and you would like to turn it into a personal keb post-contest, all traits will have to be purchased like a regular MYO
  • Winning designs will be transferred in ownership to the group and may be edited
  • Designs must be submitted here before the deadline:

The Deadline: September 30th at 11:59PM PST

The Rewards:

Each entry (up to 6 entries per user) will be rewarded 2EC

Honourable Mention designs will receive 15CC
Runner Up designs will receive 50CC
Winning Designs will receive 100CC


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