The Kebanzu 2023 Winter Event is now live!!

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Where has the year gone? 2023's final Kebanzu event is here already!!!

Winter Event Prompts

As usual, the first two Winter Prompts - Snowy Fun and Warm & Cosy - are now open for entries. Two more prompts will unlock on December the 10th and a further two on the 20th!

Don't forget that you can add Yule to your prompts as a bonus 5th keb!!
Her Masterlist entry is HERE!


Art by Lord-Starryface

The Storybook theme this time is all about the migratory journey of a brand new creature 👀 There are three prompts in total that unlock as you play - as always there's a shiny storybook badge reward if you complete all three!

Art by Lord-Starryface

❄️ Check out the first 2 prompts + starting storybook prompt here! ❄️

Dates and Deadlines!
❄️ The Winter Event begins: December 1st Pacific Time
❄️ The Winter Event ends: December 31st at midnight Pacific Time


Daily Candy Cane Foraging

What's this? More daily collectables?!! During the Winter Event, Yule oversees the foraging of wild Enchanted Candy Canes! And sometimes she hides treasures amongst the groves for eagle-eyed kebs to discover!! Get to the dailies page HERE or get to it from the navigation bar by going to ACTIVITIES -> DAILIES.


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