Magical Elements of Terramessia

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Lore Update

We are so excited to share this piece of lore that we have been working on. While the magic system itself is still a work in progress, we have some information about the magical elements that shape the world. Huge thanks to Reddemonspy for making the beautiful accompanying art, and to Feniick for helping to develop the elements.


Magical Elements of Terramessia

In the beginning, three elements combined to bring life to Terramessia.
The Dust and soil gave way to Nature, spurred on by a Spark of life.

From Dust, Humans sprang forth, their adaptability and endurance ensuring their survival.
From Nature came the Sahiir, who protect the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.
From Spark came the Taenin, who harnessed flame to fuel their inventions.

The forces of the outer Cosmos maintained a barier around the world keeping it protected, but isolated.
While another force within held Chaos, wild and unpredictable, which threatened to disrupt the balance.

Kebanzu, at home in their plane of Chaos, disrupted this force by the over harvesting of the magic that formed their world.
When their world was disrupted, Chaos was set free into Terramessia along with the Kebanzu.
The shockwave of this disruption also freed the force of the Cosmos and allowed for new visitors to land in the world.

Cosmos returned to the world with the arrival of the Ren Fairs, bringing balance.
In the years since the end of the great hibernation, the elements are in harmony once more, and new magic has begun to sprout...


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