Region Report: Western Grasslands

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Region Report

31°T / Sunny

Western Grasslands

"Come for the capra stay for the charm!"


The Woolwind Mill

An ancient, prewar windmill that still operates. It is best known for its use in the textile industry, as a mill for capra wool. The breezy hilltops provide ample wind for the process. Its sails can be seen from miles away, making it a beloved landmark in the hub. it also serves as a great focal point for painters and photographers.


The Western Grasslands is known for their many quaint towns, where local farmers work hard to rear livestock, grow crops, and maintain community orchards. Wool, textiles, crops and other animal products are this region's main exports, and those that live here are proud of the fruits of their labor.


Planting Festival - Marking the beginning of the planting season, this festival is a time of hope and renewal. Seeds are blessed in the Temple of Hearth and Harvest, and towns pull together as one to prepare the fields for the growing months to come.

Harvest Festival - A time of abundance and gratitude, the Harvest Festival brings folk back together to reap the rewards of a long, hot summer. Feasts, dancing, and many farmer's markets take place during this time, celebrating the success of yet another brilliant year.


The Western Grasslands are valued for their humid temperate oceanic climate, the temperate grasslands experience an annual high around 39°T and a low around 14°T

The region experiences moderate rainfall.

Popular transportation methods include:
  • Hors drawn cart
  • Hors

Typical Job Categories include:

  • Pastoral
    • Farmer
    • Shepherd
  • Crafting
    • Performer
    • Weaver
    • Spinner
  • Creative
    • Baker
    • Artisan

The Hub

Garden Meadow


10-image.pngOne of the smallest and sleepiest hubs, the Garden Meadow is not known for its excitement. This sleepy pastoral town is primarily known for its older population and countless capra. What it lacks in thrills it makes up for with boundless charm.

Location: The eastern part of the Western Grasslands, close to the Mythic Forest.

Local Landmark: Enchanted Arbor Bridge. Nestled at the Eastern edge of Garden Meadow, the bridge serves as a transition from the cultivated beauty of Garden Meadow to the untamed allure of the Mythic Forest.

Lodging: Residents and visitors to the Garden Meadow enjoy the charms of the quaint, stone and timber cottages that dot the landscape. These cottages are very old, being passed from generation to generation.

Cuisine: The Garden Meadow’s local cuisine is a reflection of the seasons: abundant with fresh, hearty vegetables and grains from the fields, sun-ripened fruits in the summer, and in the fall, roasted squash and warm barley breads.

Specialty: "Harvest Hotpot" - A stew that combines the best of everyone's crops and animal products into a rich, communal meal.

Odie's place within the Garden Meadow is established as firmly as the ancient fields throughout the hub. An expert in all things farming, they oversee the sowing and reaping of the crops every year, ensuring that the cycles of growth are honored and that the community works in harmony with the land.

What does your hub value?

The harmony between tradition and nature, the bonds of community fellowship. Our shared toils turn our lands into a bounty that we can all share.

What is your favorite thing about the hub?

The way that the golden sunrise bathes our fields every morning. There’s just nothing like it. It’s a promise of a new day of growth and a comforting reminder that the cycle of life will always continue.


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