The Herald of Spring

Valkyrie has been a fierce warrior and protector of kebs for many years. She is a follower of Light Song and is oftentimes in his company when not attending to other business. While stern, she is warm-hearted and always willing to help anyone in need no matter how big or small their peril. 

Valkyrie's custom armour and weapons are easily spotted (and very often admired) by their bright, almost-white metallic base, overlayed with intricate details in embossed gold. No one is sure what metal her weapons are forged of and Valkyrie has never revealed it. Many great yarns have been spun over the years as kebs have tirelessly tried to pinpoint the weapons' origins including but not limited to: Forged with magic by Light Song himself; stolen from under the nose of Taenin royalty during a raid on Scorched Iron Isle; relics gifted to Valkyrie by the Ren Fair from their once intergalactic armoury.

A reference as to how Valkyrie's armour looks in her anthro form:


Valkyrie can also wear armour in her quadruped form which is up to player's interpretation!


Valkyrie's mount, Valhalla, is a 16hh draft type Hors with a Rare short tail. She is unmistakable from a distance with her sunburnt black coat overlayed with high white stockings and a wide blaze. Valhalla is a no-nonsense mare and seasoned war hors but, if you treat her with respect, she will deem any keb worthy of petting her neck or offering up an apple. 




Valhalla can be seen in all manner of tack at the various events she attends with Valkyrie but her official barding boasts the same colours as Valkyrie's armour.



Like all winged kebs, Valkyrie can be drawn wingless for ease of ARPG play or story purposes:Valkyrie No Wings

Valkyrie can be drawn as a 5th keb in Spring prompts - Valkyrie's Masterlist entry can be found here!