Spring Event 2024

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The Kebanzu 2024 Spring Event is now live!!

🌹 ✨ 🌹 ✨ 🌹 ✨ 🌹 ✨ 🌹 ✨ 🌹


The first event of 2024!!! ✨ 💖


The first two Spring Prompts - Library of Alexandria and Stargazing - are now open for entries! Two more prompts will unlock on April the 10th and a further two on the 20th!

But what's this? Light Song's sword has gone missing???!!! 😱 The storybook theme this spring is a journey most perilous! Will your character answer the call? There are three storybook prompts in total that unlock as you play - there's a shiny storybook badge reward plus bonus reward if you complete all three and exclusive badges to collect along the way! 🙌

🌹 Check out the first 2 prompts + starting storybook prompt here! 🌹

Don't forget that you can add Valkyrie to your prompts as a bonus 5th keb!!
Her Masterlist entry is here,  and full set of references is here!


Two new traits have been added to the Enchanted Rose Exchange!
💨 Enchanted Breath✨ | 🍓Fruit Horns🍇

🌹Check out the Enchanted Rose shop here!🌹


Dates and Deadlines!
🌹 The Spring Event begins: April 2nd Pacific Time
🌹 The Spring Event ends: April 30th at midnight Pacific Time


Daily Enchanted Rose Foraging!
You can top up on daily ER here during the Spring Event!


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